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The Trusted Renovation Team

Trusted Renovation Team

Whether you are in the process of rebuilding or adding extensions, we have the solution to exceed your expectations. If you choose to renovate or home improvement with Sydney Metro Builders, you will be secure in the knowledge that you are dealing with the principals of the company. We have been building and renovating homes for over twenty years


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Home Improvement Experts

Our commitment to quality to your extension, structural alteration or project management. Our workmanship ensures we manage the risks associated with building or home improvement.

We offer complete solutions in structural alterations in residential projects.  Sydney Metro Builders can help you with new developments, extensions, rebuilds, and other types of alterations or complete makeovers. We also cater for complete interior refurbishments, full alterations and contemporary designs based on our client’s requirements.

Walls are routinely removed in homes. This is a project that opens up space, provides greater flexibility, and often corrects poor home design by previous owners.

Timber framing and "post-and-beam" construction are traditional methods of building with heavy timbers, creating structures using squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs.

Need a new extension or addition to your home?  Sydney Metro Builders can deliver a range of options including stylish additions and extensions to your home.  We can offer a new addition with all the charm and the decorative detail of your existing home based on the original architecture.  We can also deliver a contemporary design approach and building methods as the client’s requirements.

Renovation work is not limited to though typically comprises first floor additions and extensions, or complete interior refurbishments which are ever popular across Sydney.  To accommodate growing families, the cost and time to build a new home may seem daunting, but a clever renovation which best utilises existing space can be a very rewarding option. Ask us about these and other building options.