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Frequently Asked Questions

When you renovate you have the advantage of renovating to your budget as new builds can be very expensive.

This is a very cost-effective method of renovating when you can simply remove a few walls and gain an open living style through your home.

Renovating before you sell your home can be very beneficial. For example opening up a bifold door that leads out to a deck area at the rear of your home can add great value to your home.

People that have a growing family never have enough space. They could consider a first for addition which means you would remove the roof of your single story home and transform it to a two story home not to mention again you would be adding value to your home at the same time.

We perform work such as repairing faulty workmanship by previous contractors. We are fully insured and have 25 years experience in this field. We can proudly say with confidence that there is no job that we cannot fix.

We can genuinely say that we differ from all the other contractors out there. We provide a one-on-one experience. You don’t need to go through a secretary to get your questions answered with us as you speak directly to the head contractor in charge of your project at any time.

We give a No Variation Guarantee. We feel sick when we see an owner getting overcharged for variations that were created to benefit the building contractor. With us the price is the final price so you know where you stand and there are no hidden surprises!